Bluetooth smart tracker. 

My home item finder

Bluetooth tracker


You can easily find and manage the items you set up indoors or outdoors.

Bluetooth tracker


( All can be controlled by app or remote control )

Bluetooth® pairing with the smartphone app is used.

IPhone User Click  →

Android users click →

Even if there is no dedicated remote control, all can be controlled with a smartphone.

Download the PHEW®Tracker app for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Install the app and connect it with a dedicated receiver or remote control.

You can use the app at any time to call the remote control and receiver to track the location.

Of course, if you lose your smartphone, you can find it

by calling each device.

When you lose something you set, you can check the last location information on Google Maps.

Depending on the type of smartphone you are using

The number of devices that can be paired is 6 to 8 devices.

(Please note that it differs for each smartphone model)



Fast response speed of 1.2sec through PHEW®Tracker APP.


High communication resolution


It can be used immediately after purchase and is convenient to set.


Product Design

Designed to harmonize with the interior of a residential space by utilizing pure white color.

Bluetooth tracker set

PHL-1000K PACH-100N

In the case of a dedicated remote controller, Bluetooth pairing is possible with the smartphone tracker app, and location tracking between each other is possible. It can also be paired with 6 trackers and can be easily tracked in indoor spaces.

Bluetooth tracker


Indicator LED

Side key (all calls)

Move key

- Power

- Pairing Confirmation

- Call Key

Indicator LED

- Power

- Pairing Confirmation

- Call Key

Bumper bezel

Color Variation

Various variations using Pantone Plastic® chips

Pure White

Mystery black

Cherry Blossom Pink

Compose Blue

Coral pink

Fluorescent yellow

(Lime color)

Tracker set 

1 RC + 2 AR

Single pack.

Single pack.

limited edition

limited edition

You can find them all in the house.

You can easily find your things in residential spaces and outdoors.

Smart phone

My Car key

Coin Wallet

TV Remote controller

★ Use a remote control attachment

My Cat Angel


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