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PHEW® Design sketch - 01

Actualizado: 6 de sep de 2020

I always lose things.

Rather than getting lost outdoors, I always look for something at home.

I hated it so much that I started developing it. I think that everyone is looking for something at home once. Even the smartest people are looking for.

I want to solve this. So while sketching, how can I

Can it be used with a simple design and a timeless appearance? I think.

Eventually, I came up with the concept of using it at home and managing the location of my important things with my smartphone even outdoors, and I started with sketches.

I uploaded the sketch video to YouTube.

If you are interested, please take a look.

 #phew #tracker #gift #bluetooth #kkwdesign #remote control #Lost #designer #KKW #makuake #forgetfulness #物忘れ #忘れ物防止

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