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PHEW® USB charging dock design - 01

Actualizado: 19 de sep de 2020

In the case of PHL-1000K (RC), Li-Po rechargeable battery is built-in. Therefore,

if the power is insufficient, it must be charged.

We have been thinking a lot about where this product will be placed.

On the wall of the refrigerator, on the living room TV or on the desk, etc...

I thought about all the various places in the living space.

Landline or cordless phones, and surround speakers are almost always placed next to the TV. Where a lot of power cords are gathered

I designed it like this because it should be put in a vertical shape and should be immediately noticeable when looking for something.

There must also be a sense of weight. I put a steel processed product inside.

To prevent slipping, a rubber plate is installed.

We applied the same color as possible to harmonize with the design of the

remote controller.

(We had a meeting to avoid scratches and colors that are too bright for contamination.)

There is no production plan yet.

However, if there is a need for the PHEW®Tracker consumer base,

we are going to produce it.

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