Intellectual property rights by KKW®

We are protected by patents for all PHEW® products.
We hold intellectual property rights such as patents, designs and trademarks in various countries.
Also, we are always striving to prevent the unfair economy.
If you have any questions regarding PHEW® technology and patents, please contact us

★ International patents and designs, trademark rights ★

US patent registration certificate

US trademark

registration certificate

US design registration certificate

Japanese patent registration certificate

Korean patent registration certificate 01

Japanese trademark registration certificate

Korean patent registration certificate 02

Japanese design registration certificate

Korean patent registration certificate 03

EU trademark registration certificate

Taiwan trademark application 

Chinese trademark decision

Additionally, patents, designs and trademarks of various countries are pending. Please contact us separately.


We are a manufacturing company that develops and produces products utilizing industrial design-based wireless communication technology.

We want to make various ideas and deliver them to consumers.


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